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Kintsugi (2021).png

Kintsugi (2021)

by Justine Kaneda
Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 2.09_edited.jpg

Created and Performed by Justine Kaneda

Filmed by

Justine kaneda

Janelle kaneda

Featured Voices

Setsuko kaneda

yoshikuni kaneda

masae kato

kazuhiko kato

originally made for stanford university's honors in the arts program 2021

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 2.09_edited.jpg
Abstract Flame
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Other Selections

Tokyo Lift-Off Global Festival 2022; Beeston Film Festival 2022; Berlin Independent Film Festival 2022; Beeston Film Festival - alight edition! 2022


Stanford Arts Video Essay: Kintsugi 2021

In this video essay, Justine Kaneda discusses the project she completed in Stanford's Honors in Arts program. Kintsugi (金継ぎ) is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with golden lacquer, where breaks and cracks become celebrated and cherished. Culminating in a narrative dance film, my project seeks to further explore this concept of Kintsugi – specifically how this artform can be applied to human beings. As a sansei Japanese-American and lifelong performing artist, I also hope to further explore the interconnection of my cultural and artistic identities, in addition to the deeply intertwined relationship human beings have with the world. Contact Justine: (Instagram: @justinekaneda) (Music Provided by Artlist)

Disorient asian american film festival of oregon 2022: Q&a resilient women shorts

Q&A with the filmmakers of the Short Program: She Persisted

Director, Writer, and Cast Justine Kaneda - Kintsugi, short narrative

Director Brandon E. Lee - Jenni Rudolph - Water & Oil, music video

Director, Writer, and Producer Christy Ana Wu - Trill, short narrative

Director, Writer, and Producer Ray Robison - The Trunk, short narrative

Director Erica Eng - Americanized, short narrative

Director, Writer, and Producer Florence Hwang - Dirty Laundry

Disorient panel discussion.png

Disorient asian american film festival of oregon 2022: Panel discussion

Film can provide a communal experience; an opportunity to engage with someone else's narrative. The panel will discuss the impact of putting personal stories to film--both on the filmmaker, the subjects of the film, and within the context of healing and representation.


Joel Quizon, Visual Communications

Justine Kaneda, filmmaker: Kintsugi

Mia Kami, filmmaker: Rooted

PJ Raval, filmmaker: Stories Within

Teresa Matsushima, filmmaker: Do You Love Me

Tom Huang, filmmaker: Dealing With Dad

Moderated by Susan Hirata

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